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As the courts are readied at Roland-Garros, we must make sure we can watch the 2019 French Open online because that’s just the way to watch TV nowadays.

French Open 2019


The French Open, also known as Roland-Garros by the name of the venue where the event takes place, is the second of four annual Grand Slam tournaments. It’s the only Grand Slam that’s held on clay, which makes it one of the most physically demanding tennis tournaments in the world.

Date: May 26–June 9, 2019
Location: Stade Roland Garros, Paris, France.
Broadcast: France TV
Time 5:00 AM ET
Online streaming: ESPN
Live Stream Watch Here

The first time the French Open was held was back in 1891. There are five events that you have to watch out for – men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. In 2018, Rafael Nadal won the Men’s Singles at Roland Garros for the 11th time, making it his 17th Grand Slam. At the same tournament, WTA number 1 Romanian player Simona Halep won her first Grand Slam.

French Open 2019 Live Streaming Free Reddit Channels

When Does the French Open Take Place?

In 2019, the French Open will begin on May 26 and it’s scheduled to end on June 9. The location of the tournament is the same as it’s always been, with very few exceptions. As always, it’s going to be a major event that will attract viewers worldwide.

As soon as we have more details about the schedule of the event, as well as the participants, we’re going to make sure to update the article, so check back later. Until then, you can check out the official French Open website for more details on the tournament.

What Channels Should You Watch?

Again, NBC Sports and Tennis Channel are the two channels where you can expect to watch the Roland Garros event. They have a multi-year broadcasting deal for the United States, so you shouldn’t expect to see another name until at least 2024.

In France, it’s FranceTV Sports and Eurosport that have the rights, while people in the UK can enjoy the matches on ITV Sport and Eurosport. Australians can enjoy the event on Fox Sport and SBS Sport. Frankly, it’s quite easy to watch the French Open if you have cable.

Streaming Services

What we need this time, however, is a way to watch the event online, without bothering to stay home. We want to free ourselves from that cable that ties us to our home couches. Thankfully, there are plenty of options nowadays.

We’re kicking off this list with fuboTV, which is the go-to platform for sports lovers thanks to the dozens of dedicated channels. There are four bundles you can pick from in the beginning – fubo ($44.99/mo, $39.99 for the first month), fubo Extra ($49.99/mo, $44.99 for the first month), fubo Latino ($17.99/mo), fubo Portugues ($19.99/mo), as well as loads of extra channel packs that you can add, but those vary depending on the starter bundle you picked.

You’ll find NBC Sports in the fubo and fubo Extra bundles, but there’s no trace of the Tennis Channel, unfortunately.

In case you don’t want to miss out on any matches, you can record them to the cloud. fuboTV offers customers 30 hours of space, but you can expand that to 500 hours by paying an extra $9.99 per month for the Cloud DVR Plus feature. The platform further allows users to watch content on two devices simultaneously, but you can add another screen by paying for the Family Share feature. Read our fuboTV review to get all the details you need.

Sling TV

Next up is Sling TV, a platform that can be heavily customized. You start off by picking one of three bundles they offer – Orange ($25/mo), Blue ($25/mo), Orange + Blue ($40/mo) – and then you can add any number of extra channels you want, be them grouped by interest or premium networks.

You’ll find NBC Sports in the Blue and the Orange + Blue bundles, but Tennis Channel is missing from the list.

If you want to record any of the content to see later, you’re going to have to pay another $5 per month for 50 hours of cloud DVR space, since there’s no storage space offered for free. Sling Blue subscribers get access to three simultaneous streams, while Orange + Blue subscribers get four streams, which is pretty great. We have a detailed Sling TV review ready for you.


Now we have Hulu on the list. Although it’s better known for the video-on-demand platform everyone loves, for a while now Hulu has also offered a live TV plan for $39.99 per month. There’s only one set of channels you can get, but you can add some premium networks if you want to customize it a bit.

The list of channels featured on Hulu includes NBC Sports, which is great news because it means you’re going to be able to watch the Roland Garros matches. There’s no Tennis Channel on the list, however.

In case you’re not going to be home for any of the matches and you really want to watch them, you can record it to the cloud as you are provided with 50 hours of storage space by default. You can expand to 200 hours by paying $14.99 per month. Furthermore, while regular VOD Hulu subscribers get access to only one screen per account, live TV subscribers get two. Of course, you can pay another $14.99 per month and the limitations are lifted completely. Give our Hulu review a read before making a decision.

YouTube TV

Another platform that’s made a name for itself is YouTube TV. Offering a single bundle of channels for the sole reason of wanting to, YouTube TV costs $40 per month and features dozens of channels, while also allowing users to add some premium networks to the mix.

The list of channels features NBC Sports, as well as Tennis Channel, so you have some variety in the reporting of the matches if you’d like that.

YouTube TV offers unlimited cloud DVR storage space, so you can save anything you want if you’ll just remember to watch it all within nine months when they expire and get deleted. The platform also allows users to watch content on up to three different screens at the same time, so your family members can enjoy something else while you watch the great players at the French Open. Read our YouTube TV review for more info on what the service has to offer.

How to Watch the 2019 French Open Anywhere?

The French Open is being broadcast all over the world, and we already discussed a few channels that have the rights in different parts of the world. But the issue most Americans have is that they can’t enjoy the services they pay for if they go abroad. Well, a VPN can fix this.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve been of help in getting you to watch the French Open online and that you’ll be able to enjoy all matches. Maybe your favorites will win.