Watch Curling World Cup Live Stream Grand Final 2019 Reddit Online, Schedule, and Teams

With just a day to go for The World Curling World Cup Grand Final 2019 at Lethbridge, the article here is going to cover all the essential pieces of information you need to know to watch the games online. The World Cup Grand Final celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The Canadian city, Lethbridge is going to be the host for the tournament. Thirteen competing nations are going to play in the nine-day long tournament.

The hosts Canada are the silver medallists from the last year’s event. Meanwhile, the United States holds the next available slot from the World Curling Federation’s Americas Zone after defeating Brazil and Guyana in the Americas Challenge back in November. Seven other teams have qualified for the World Cup Grand Final from the 2018 European Championships which also took place back in November at the Estonian capital Tallinn.

The qualification order starts with the defending world champions Sweden, followed by Italy, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and Russia. There is also the 2018 world bronze medalists Scotland taking part in the World Cup Grand Final. Qualified nations from the Pacific-Asia Championships which happened in South Korean city of Gangneung in November 2018 are Japan and China. The New World Qualification Event, which took place in Naseby in New Zealand in January led South Korea and the Netherlands to reach the 2019 World Men’s Curling World Cup Grand Final.

8th May 2019 Schedule

15:00 – Women’s, China (Jiang) v United States (Roth)

21:00 – Men’s, Canada 2 (Koe) v Switzerland (Schwaller)

We will be updating the results in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Following the opening ceremony which events tomorrow the competing nations are going to fight it out on the pitch in 20 sessions of round-robin play, which will last till the next Friday or the 5th of April. After which, the six teams at the top of the table will qualify for the next round or the play-off stage. The teams to rank first and seconds gets a direct qualification entry into the semi-finals.

For the nation which ranks third has to play only one game of qualification against the sixth ranking nation. Consecutively the fourth and the fifth-ranking team has to face each other on a game which happens on the 6th of April-Saturday morning.

For the semi-finals, the team to finish first will play the lowest-ranked qualifier while the nation to rank second plays the other qualification winner. Both the semi-finals will take place later on Saturday the 6th of April.

The World Title match will then take place on the 12th of May Sunday after the third-place/bronze medal match.

How to watch the Curling World Cup Grand Final live streaming Reddit free 2019 online?

Well as said earlier, the article will have a thorough briefing regarding all the official channels to catch the live stream actions from the 2019 Curling World Cup Grand Final. Having said that let’s get started with the options available.